A PDF Editor with many useful features!

Before we go ahead, here's a little disclaimer:

The creators of PDFelement Pro were so kind to sponsor this post! As a recurring sponsor of the Flammable Maths YouTube channel I am proud to also feature them on my blog. 
All the impressions I give in this review are based upon my own experiences with the program and are in now way influenced by iSkysoft. Also, I do not earn any commissions from any of the links being featured below!

$\underline{\Large{\text{PDFelement Pro review}}}$

$\large{\text{An overview}}$

PDFelement Pro is a PDF editing software that is available for both Mac and Windows. The application in itself has been created by iSkysoft and will provide their users with a variety of amazing features that will make handling PDF files a great experience!

$\large{\text{The main features}}$

As mentioned above, PDFelement Pro comes with a whole lot of amazing features that will make your life easier.

  • It wouldn't be a PDF editor if you couldn't edit PDF files in various ways! The app allows you to edit PDF files as easy as editing a Word Document!
  • Convert PDF files into various different formats.
  • Annotate PDF files and leave notes for others to read.
  • Treat .pdf files like formal documents by creating fillable forms.
  • Create PDFs from images by employing the built in Optical Character Recognition, OCR for short.
  • New and exciting features are being added on a regular basis!

$\large{\text{Edit PDF files freely}}$

The biggest selling point of the product is of course its functionality to edit all kinds of .pdf files as easily as editing a Word document. No matter if you want to edit the text, certain fonts or if you simply want to edit embedded pictures. PDFelement Pro definitely has you covered. I for myself use this feature quite in often when editing invoices or already saved Latex documents.

$\large{\text{Convert PDF files}}$

With just one click of your mouse you have the ability to convert a given PDF document into all sorts of files. No matter if you want to save it as an Excel or Word document, a picture file or a Powerpoint, PDFelement Pro definitely has you covered.

$\large{\text{Annotate PDF files}}$

Imagine a friend of you wants you to read through one of their works and also insists on getting feedback. Imagine how nice it were to put these thoughts right next to where they are needed in the PDF file. This is exactly what PDFelement Pro allows you to do!
Without wasting any money and paper on printing your documents, you can easily bring your thought s to life using this amazing little feature. Annotations include sticky notes, speech bubbles, a customizable drawing environment, stamps and many more.

$\large{\text{Create Forms}}$

It doesn't matter if you are a business or an individual. At some point in life you might want to create an official document that needs to be signed and filled in by a different party. PDFelement Pro helps you with this and guides you through the process of creating lines and boxes that can be filled in with the information needed!

$\large{\text{Use OCR}}$

One of the best feature that I have also used on many occasions before, is the so-called OCR. PDFelement Pro automatically identifies scanned objects and allows you to turn for example written notes into digitized text. After performing the OCR and digitization process, you are once again able to freely edit the PDF. 

PDFelement Pro's official Logo

$\large{\text{What else can it do?}}$

In this section I would like to introduce other features to you that I use on a nearly daily basis by now. One of the best features include cropping page sizes, delete pages and permutate them in any way possible. You can also give them a watermark to prevent other people from stealing your content.
One essential feature is the ability to combine PDF files which is extremely useful! Other than that you can extract pages and pictures from .pdf files and highlight parts of the text. PDFelement Pro also comes with a huge database of various templates for you to use.

$\large{\text{My personal Experiences}}$

I've been using PDFelement Pro for the longest time now and I would like to provide you with a list of dis-/advantages that I see come with the program:


  • PDFelement Pro offers you a lot for what it's worth. The features presented above are just the tip of the magnificient iceberg!
  • The price is actually really affordable and by using my customized link you get it even for half the price
  • Prize and functionality can compete with other big PDF editor powerhouses and is in my opinion the best one out there!
  • It's very easy to use. 
  • The layout looks inviting and and friendly.

  • The free trial won't provide you with all the features that could possibly be used and will leave a watermark on edited PDF files.
  • The program is sometimes a bit slow on its feet.

$\large{\text{iSkysoft's Special Offer!}}$

iSkysoft is willing to provide viewers of the Flammable Maths Youtube channel with a 50% off discount offer for a limited time! This fantastic PDF editor normally comes at a price tag of $159. If you use the special offer that comes with this post, you can get it for only $79.50! It's a fantastic deal that you should definitely not miss out on.


PDFelement Pro by iSkysoft is a user-friendly and easy to use PDF editing software that comes with a huge repertoire of features. No matter if you are a business, a student or just an everyday computer user. Everyone will find their uses for this amazing PDF editing software!