Good morning fellow mathematicians :v

Good morning fellow visitor! What you can witness here is my new website.
Long story short: My last website has been created using Wordpress. The biggest downside to this service was, that there was no way to implement a proper Latex script without spending quite some money. 
Thank god there exists blogger! With this provider I can simply implement the language using a simple HTML header, which allows me to create posts way easier and more frequently than before (it was seriously annoying to use Wordpress, it just wasn't any fun).

With that out of the way, what is to be expected from this website? I have quite a big folder at home, where I collected everything maths and physics related which came to my mind those past 2 years. My goal is it to translate everything into the latex language, aka. fill this website to the brimm with various math concepts and ideas!

I hope this short description of my website's content piqued your interest a bit. Make sure to follow this blog and up until the next post,

  --have a flammable day   $\int d\tau$


  1. hold my beer

  2. i want some of group theory and maybe a recomendations for a nice books of maths!

  3. Good morning papa Flammy. On this website, let us all pledge to destroy Fresh Toadwalker with our mathematical awesomeness.

  4. {\displaystyle \int _{\partial \Omega }\omega =\int _{\Omega }d\omega \,.}

  5. $$\int_0^\infty\exp\left(-\frac{\xi}{\text{excellent}}\right)\,\mathrm d\xi$$

  6. If you ever need some $$\text{\LaTeX}$$ coding done hit me up!

    1. Feel free to send content you want typeset to:

      I would be more than glad to typeset some of your notes for the website. I just about write my grocery lists in LaTeX!

      Thanks for all the great YouTube content.

    2. I'll make sure to contact you if I ever need help, thanks a bunch! =)


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